toastbox ONE

6V6_closeup_blue_glowThe toastbox ONE is a all tube and transformer based DI box for stage and studio use.

The toastbox ONE can be used anywhere a typical DI box could be used – but brings that added warmth and harmonic quality only found in analogue equipment.

Applications include:

  • Bass Guitar: get that warm DI bass sound directly into your desk/DAW without the need of a separate bass amp.  Track bass directly in the control room.
  • Electric Guitar: for that ultra-clean guitar sound.  Record a clean guitar feed onto a a spare track and use for later re-amping to get that ideal sound without the spill of the band playing live in the studio.
  • Acoustic Guitar: delivering an awesome sound in both live and studio situations.  You just know when you’ve got that acoustic sound right when the strings ring out with deep bass and a clean treble.
  • Synths: use with vintage and modern synths to warm and thicken the sound.

The toastbox ONE is still in development.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to evaluate the prototypes and provide feedback into its design.

Also available in a stereo model.