Synth servicing

toastyaudio can also provide specialist synth servicing, especially for vintage, analogue models (I grew up with them!).  Servicing including:

  • Dead synth repair and revival (90% PSU issues in most cases!)
  • Potentiometer cleaning/replacement (90% of all crackles!)
  • Keyboard repair, contact clean and replacement
  • Modifications/upgrades, including MIDI retrofits
  • Re-cap (replacement of old, dried out capacitors)
  • Calibration/setup

As ever, contact me for an initial discussion and quote

Below is a selection of shots of a Wersi organ from the late 70s currently in for a restoration.

This is a beast of a keyboard with all analogue sound sources an multiple Z80 CPUs dotted around the innards. Once restored, it will produce some killer vintage string machine sounds.