toastyaudio is a new venture by Technologist, Innovator, Engineer and all round good egg, Alaistair Deacon.

After an early career designing everything from Main Battle Tank Computers, Simulators and Nuclear Robotics, Alaistair got slightly sidetracked when a 6 week temporary contract turned out to be 22 years of IT covering everything from Air Traffic Control to Airport Operational Systems for some of the largest airports in the world (and yes he DID invent the first Airline Mobile Boarding Pass).

Now retiring from the IT industry, after helping build Scotland’s largest IT company, he’s going back to his first love of electronics and audio systems.

It could take a while for the first products to hit the market…

But he’s happy to look into commissions, and special project requests.  Just leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

Have you got a duff vintage synth needing attention…drop him a line, he can probably get that going too as well. He can remember hanging around the music shops as a kid in the ’70s and early ’80s, annoying the sale guys and lusting after most of that gear when it first came out.

Contact Alaistair at sales@toastyaudio.com, or via the form below.

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