You’ve got to begin somewhere…

So I’m in the process of setting up toastyaudio, there’s so much to do.

I’m currently working though my 3 month notice as I make the move out of the IT industry.  Even though I’m working my notice, I’ve got my head down making sure I get through as much as possible to handover my commitments as well as possible.

I’ve got some interesting projects on including designing a new airport messaging system solution for the UK and Europe for live flight updates, as well as setting up operational strategies for two very large airports.

In the mean time, I’ve designed and prototyped the toastbox ONE and put that into operation with some of my live events, as well as “getting back on the tools” to develop the web site.

Anyhow, this evening I’ve set up some basic page structures.  All quite easy.  I just need to start writing the content now!

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